The Route

Day One

Wembley Stadium to Alcester

100.3 miles

Day Two

Alcester to Northwich

102.6 miles

Day Three

Northwich to Kendal

96.6 miles

Day Four

Kendal to Annondale

84.8 miles

Day Five

Annondale to Hampden Park

64.2 miles


John Daly, Chairman of the Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal, said, "We'll be eternally grateful to this group of Scotland fans for this tremendous effort. We rely totally on our supporters doing things, ordinary and extraordinary, to provide us with funds to carry on spreading a little sunshine into the lives of children everywhere we go. This Bike Ride is clearly in the category "extraordinary".

"As a group, the Sunshine Appeal is astonished that anyone would ever attempt something as challenging as this to fundraise for us. We are humbled but uplifted. We appreciate their loyalty to the Sunshine Appeal and would encourage others to support and motivate them by donating to their magnificent project. I look forward to greeting them as they cross the border."